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  • Complaints logoThe FPS Policy and Support attaches great importance to the quality of its services. However, if you have any comments or complaints, you can send them to the complaints coordinator at the FPS Policy and Support.


    What type of complaint can you make?

    Your complaint may relate to:

    • FPS Policy and Support's services and/or products
    • their quality
    • the processing of a request
    • the application of legislation.

    If your complaint does not fall within the remit of FPS Policy and Support, it will not be dealt with. If necessary, it will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

    A complaint in no way replaces an appeal procedure provided for in a legal framework. If you want an administrative decision to be overturned, you must lodge an appeal. The appeal procedure is always indicated on the letter setting out the administrative decision.

    How do you submit your complaint?

    Use the online complaint form.

    If you wish to fill in the complaint form, please verify your identity by logging in using Itsme or your eID.

    If you are unable to identify yourself in this way (for example, if you do not have a Belgian identity card), please send an e-mail to claimmanagementBOSA@bosa.fgov.be. However, we do prefer that people fill in the online complaint form.

    What happens to your complaint?

    You will receive:

    • an acknowledgement of receipt immediately
    • a reasoned response within 30 calendar days.

    When processing the complaint, our departments will ensure that they comply with the requirements arising from the General Data Protection Regulation. Personal data will only be accessed to the extent that they are relevant to the processing of the complaint.

    Are you not satisfied with the response from our complaints department?

    You are free to contact the Federal Ombudsman - Integrity Centre at:

    Federal Ombudsman


    Rue de Louvain 48 letter box 6

    1000 Brussels