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DG Budget, Strategic Control and Integrity

The Directorate-General for the Budget, Strategic Control and Integrity assists the State Secretary for the Budget and the government in budget preparation and delivery, policy evaluation, organisational control and integrity policy.

Applicable for
  • Partners
  • Federal civil servants
  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Federal organisations
  • Government

Table of contents

The DG Budget and Policy Evaluation works in several areas.

Budget management

Budget management ensures:

  • policy support in the budgetary process: preparation of the budget, drafting of budgetary documents, reporting to international institutions, monitoring of budget delivery;
  • adaptations and updating the federal and European regulatory frameworks for budgeting and accounting.

Administrative and budgetary control

The administrative and budgetary control ensures the budgetary part of the administrative and budgetary control. An important task involves evaluating the current control system with the aim of optimising it.

Control of the organisation and evaluation of the policy

The control of the organisation and the evaluation of the policy unit:

  • supports and coordinates the development and implementation of organisational control activities within the federal administration
  • develops policy evaluation and impact measurement systems
  • supports and coordinates the development and implementation of the integrity policy within the federal administration.

Business Intelligence Competence Center

The Business Intelligence Competence Center combines data from different data sources and delivers tailored analyses to support the strategy and policy of federal organisations.